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Lake Tanganyika is surrounded by countries: Tanzania, Burundi, Congo and Zambia. It is the longest freshwater lake in the world and second deepest. Deeper is only Russian Baikal Lake. Like Lake Malawi, located in the Great Rift Valley, which forms its steep banks. The depth of the lake is 1433 m. The length of the lake from north to south is 677 km and it is 50 km wide in an average. In the lake, there live more than 350 species of fish.



Lake Malawi, also known as Nyasa, lies in the southern part of East African Great Rift Valley. From north to south is nearly 600 km long with a maximum width of 80 km. Surface level is about 31 000 km2. The maximum depth is over 700 m. It is the third largest lake in Africa following Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika and in volume (7775 km3) it is 5-th in the world. Over 90% of the lake lies at a depth of 100 m. Its age is estimated at 2 to 20,000,000 years.


about me

Breeding of aquarium fish is my hobby from my childhood, when I started with fish easy to keep but also I used to keep the more difficult fish species even though the choice was not too big. Until the early 90's, I discovered and took the first cichlids from African lakes and remained faithful to them to the present. Tropheus were among the first species I kept and they really enchanted me so that they have never disappeared from my aquariums. On the contrary, their number is increasing.

Despite the limited conditions of fish keeping in my residential conditions, I have arranged a number of breeding tanks and the total amount of tanks currently comprises more than 2100 liters with the additional possibility of minor extensions. Fish keeping is my relax and hobby, so unlike of big and commercial fish breeders I can 'play' with them and produce quality offspring for breeding.

Fish are fed live, newly hatched shrimp (Artemia), high-quality frozen foods, as well as flake and pelleted feed of O.S.I., Sera, New Life Spectrum (NLS). I practice the breeding in the most natural way possible, often get the fry after they are released by the female or stripping just prior to releasing by mother. Therefore, production of fry is not too high, but it is not my main breeding purpose. Anyway, I am always pleased when other people enjoy the fish which are coming from my breed.

beginner's corner

At the beginning of fish keeping some minor problems and questions are rising that experienced aquarists solved long ago. However, beginners can be worried about these banalities. Here, every beginner (but also experienced aquarist can benefit from the advice) can find different procedures for establishing, maintaining aquariums and fish keeping. Coming soon...

O.S.I. feed are high quality, certified feed suitable for breeding the cichlids. You can read more about their composition, use and my own experience. read

Back-To-Nature backgrounds are the best quality ones on the market today and they copy the real rocks and other natural formations. Here, you can learn the installation of the BTN background in my aquarium. Coming soon...

I have prepared a calendar with African cichlids theme for anyone who likes to record the activities and tasks, or just wants to hang a calendar on the wall :) read

did you know...?

... fish mothers determine offspring size?
... gastritis in Tropheus is caused by bacteria?
... there are the differences in a way of algae grazing between the cichlids in Lake Malawi?
... the environment affects the development and body shape in Tropheus?

Cyathopharynx foai Sibwesa


Description of my aquariums, breeding history, photos and everything that happened in each tank during the time.

Do It Yourself

Tips and tricks for doing a various tools and equipment for fish keeping. Here, you will find an inspiration for your own attempts to simplify the fish keeping.


My own experience with African cichlids breeding. A detailed description of fish keeping and breeding with special things I found during the years of fish keeping.



My own photos anf videos of fish kept in my tanks.

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