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Do It Yourself

In the fishkeeping, there are sometimes situations when you need to figure out how to help with the technology, adapt it to your own needs, to improve keeping conditions, to be best suitable for the fish. Sometimes we want only to have our aquariums beautiful and natural, and therefore figure out how to emulate a variety of habitats. We produce a variety of backgrounds and try to incorporate aquariums aesthetically into our homes etc. Some of the ideas and implementation of my work can be read below.


Canopy With Lighting

A plan how to built an aesthetic aquarium canopy with lights. This article is divided to two parts in which the working on the wooden parts and wiring instalation are described. The plan contains also the detailed
photo documentation. read »

3D Polyurethane Foam Background

Nowadays, 3D backgrounds are very popular. Back-To-Nature kind of backgrounds are not always available for everybody and often are expensive. Here is the plan how to build your own cheap 3D background using the polyurethane foam. read »

3D Rocky Backgrounds

Another plan how to build three polyurethane foam-real rocky backgrounds. Every backgorund contains different rock kind (limestone, marl, slate/granite). read »

External Biofilter

In African cichlid breeding, the filtration is particularly important. Besides the expensive commercial canister filters, there is a possibility to build the filter by your own requirements with a big filtration volume and the environment suitable for the right activity of the nitrifying bacteria. How to get it? read »

An Overflow To The Sump

An open filter (sump) needs to be connected to the aquarium by an overflow system. You can read here about one of the options using the hole in the back wall of an aquarium. The text is contributed with the pictures sure. read »

Brine Shrimp Hatchery

Brine shrimp (Artemia salina) is a very good first live food for the cichlid fry but not only for them. As brine shrimps are in the eggs, you have to hatch them. The simple hatchery serves for this purpose and you can read here how to build one. read »

Using The Energy Saving Lamp Balast

The wiring of the ballasts may be a problem for some aquarists which have decided to make the complete tank lighting by yourself. How to get the electronic ballast from the energy saving lamp and how to connect it with the standard fluorescent tubes, read here. The pictures included. read »

Stand And The Cabinet

The strong stand is necessary for a secure placement of an aquarium in flat. In this DIY plan I suggest how to adapt the stand to place the bigger tank than the previous one and how to build the cabinet which covers the stand. The plan is supported with photos and schemes. read »

Aquariums In The Bookcase

Almost every aquarist gets to the situation when he/she finds that he/she needs another aquarium, more and more...and there is not enough room for anything else. How to solve this problem to make everybody happy? Build the bookcase for your other half and slide an aquarium or two into it. :-) read »

Copyright © 2003 - 2017 Robert Toman



Description of my aquariums, breeding history, photos and everything that happened in each tank during the time.


Tips and tricks for doing a various tools and equipment for fish keeping. Here, you will find an inspiration for your own attempts to simplify the fish keeping.


My own experience with African cichlids breeding. A detailed description of fish keeping and breeding with special things I found during the years of fish keeping.



My own photos anf videos of fish kept in my tanks.


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